Balloon Sinus Dilation (BSD)

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Balloon Sinus Dilation is a simple, minimally invasive treatment for patients who are suffering from chronic sinusitis. If you suffer from poor sinus drainage, you already know that antibiotics, decongestants, and steroids can do only so much.

BSD is a novel, endoscopic technology that uses a tiny balloon catheter to gently widen and reshape sinus passages, and improve drainage. It has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of chronic sinus infections, and has seen safe, effective use in 350,000 sinuses since its debut in 2005. Each day, approximately 200 sinus surgeries are performed using BSD.

Balloon Sinus Dilation offers patients significant symptom relief and minimal recovery time away from their daily lives — often less than 24 hours. Many patients have the procedure performed in the office under local anesthesia.

How Balloon Sinus Dilation Works

  1. Your ENT surgeon will place a small catheter with a deflated balloon into the opening of your sinus cavity.
  2. The balloon is gently inflated for about five seconds, gradually expanding your sinus opening and improving drainage.
  3. The balloon is deflated and removed while the sinus remains open. This reduces pain and prevents future sinus congestion.
  4. Your ENT specialist will then repeat the same procedure in the other sinus.

The entire procedure lasts approximately an hour.

Is This Procedure Right For Me?

In the past, traditional sinus surgery was the only other relief when medication didn’t help chronic sinus problems. Now balloon sinuplasty offers a safe, effective alternative that’s less invasive, offers fast recovery, and is often an in-office procedure requiring only local anesthesia.

Balloon sinuplasty may be recommended if you have sinusitis that hasn’t sufficiently responded to medication alone. As ENT specialists, we can evaluate your symptoms, history, and treatment to determine whether the procedure is right for you.

Are There Any Complications?

Any procedure can come with risks or complications, but balloon sinuplasty has fewer potential complications than traditional sinus surgery.

Unlike traditional sinus surgery, balloon sinuplasty uses no cutting tools, thus limiting tissue damage and bleeding. Patients tend to report mild pressure without pain and the sensation of a crackling-cereal sound upon balloon activation.

Who Can Benefit From Balloon Sinus Dilation?

Chronic sinus sufferers who have not responded well to medical treatments may find significant relief from BSD, with minimal down time and fast recovery time. BSD is also frequently recommended for those who experience recurrent acute rhinosinusitis (RARS) as well as those who experience sinus headaches.

If you’ve spent years suffering from recurrent sinus problems, and no other treatments have offered relief, balloon sinuplasty might be able to help.

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