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Description, Causes, and Treatments of Dizziness

Our equilibrium is a complex interaction that requires solid communication between our ears, eyes, and sense of touch as perceived by our feet, muscles, and joints. In order to maintain our center of gravity, our central nervous system must receive all three of these signals and then correctly transmit them to the cerebellum.

When signals from our senses fail to reach the cerebellum, or reach it with the wrong message, we experience that miscommunication as a loss of balance, a dizzy spell, or — if we’re exceptionally unlucky — a stumble or fall.

A balance disorder can sometimes be a symptom of other medical conditions. Proper medical attention, including a thorough medical history and assessment of the balance system is important to identify the cause and ensure proper treatment options.


Dizziness can be caused by:


Balance Assessment

If you experience balance problems or dizziness, we will complete a thorough evaluation. Our providers will perform a series of tests to assist in diagnosis and treatment of your problem.


Balance Treatments

If your assessment shows that you do have a balance problem, your doctor may recommend one of several treatments or balance therapies to help you get back on your feet.


Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy

“Vestibular rehabilitation” is the medical term for balance retraining. It is performed by a physical therapist, and each retraining program is tailored specifically to a patient’s balance needs.


Canalith Repositioning

Some cases of vertigo can be resolved with a simple in-office positioning procedure. A Canalith Repositioning Maneuver is a treatment that takes the patient through a series of head and body positions designed to put loosened otoconia debris (crystals) back onto the balance organ.


Diet and Lifestyle Changes

Caffeine, salt, alcohol, nicotine, and dehydration can all have a considerable impact on your sense of balance. When you visit us at Mountain Home ENT & Allergy, we will conduct a full review of your prescription medications, diet, and daily habits to determine whether your balance issues can be controlled at home.

If you or a loved one is experiencing dizziness or balance problems, please call our office to set up an appointment. We look forward to serving you.