Meniere’s Disease

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What is Meniere’s Disease?

Many types of hearing loss are permanent, unfortunately, but can be treated and managed through proper diagnosis. Meniere’s Disease is one of these permanent disorders, and is an affliction of the inner ear that can affect both hearing and balance. Meniere’s affects people differently, with episodes of vertigo, low-pitched tinnitus, and fluctuating hearing loss as the most common symptoms. Usually, Meniere’s starts out having a confined effect in one ear, but typically expands to both ears over time, and many will permanently lose their hearing.

The hearing loss portion of Meniere’s can be particularly puzzling, as hearing loss tends to fluctuate and become progressively worse, and can affect only one ear or both. Tinnitus may also be present in one or both ears, and there may be a sense of pressure or fullness in one or both ears because of excess fluid in the ear. While Meniere’s can be difficult to diagnose, when no other cause for that specific group of symptoms has been determined, patients are diagnosed with this disease.

With medical help, symptoms can be managed and recovery is likely. If you have experienced hearing loss (sudden or gradual), dizziness, or tinnitus, please contact us soon to book an appointment. Your life does not have to face total disruption, and proper diagnosis of your symptoms by an experienced ear, nose & throat specialist can help us chart a proper course of treatment for you and your unique symptoms.

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